Samora Squid

"...the extraordinary talents of Tasmanian contortionist Samora Squid, born with acute hyper-mobility, provided the high point."

"Takes your breathe away!" -Southern Cross TV​

If you want something  a little less gruesome, the contortionist act is hugely popular with family and kid friendly events! :p

If your event  needs something next level, off the ground and in air, Squid can arrange the ultra sensory overload that is a live body suspension, hanging and swinging though the air, held by nothing but two hooks through the skin in his back, Squid saves this only for those rare and special occasions, that require a particularly show stopping, high energy act. 

"Hell yeah!" -ABC RADIO

All shows can have custom music, suit any size stage or work as a roving act. 

Samora Squid performs on an international scale as a featured artist in countless festivals, cabarets, circuses and events.

With over a decade of experience, Squid consistently thrills audiences with his unique blend of contortion, sword-swallowing, characterisation and music. 

From family shows to freaky fetish nights, Squid tailors each performance so that it is perfect for that particular audience, creating memories that last a lifetime. This can include performing acrobatic stunts on a pile of broken glass as well as demonstrating a huge pain threshold through such incredible acts as live body piercing and placing parts of his anatomy in deadly animal well as even more "explosive" situations...

Tasmanian Sideshow Freak